Harvest, Food is Free & next event

Our next event: 4th May 11am-2pm Bracknell for International Permaculture day A picnic in the country and a day to share skills, resources and friendship. We will have teaching of permaculture skills, basket making, straw for sale, free pots, lots of seed and much more! Bracknell is only 30 minutes from Launceston and well worth the drive.

Remember we love all seed donations. Please bring to any of our events or send by post to Urban Farming Tasmania C/o Bracknell Post Office

Colony 47 Garden is starting a gardening group Wednesday Afternoons 4.30pm on the 30th April. All are welcome and the seed bank will attend this afternoon sessions. We have a new BATH for a worm farm to get ready, lots of strawberry runners to giveaway and lots of winter jobs!

Harvest festival at the Tasmanian Botanical Gardens was fantastic! A big thanks to ll the wonderful support and help you were all amazing. There are a few photos included below if you could not make it. We hope we are invited back for Spring festival!

We also had a great day with Food is Free Tasmania for their Autumn Festival in Geevston. A great day with soooo many plant given away, seeds, sausage sizzle and the obligatory sword fighting! They will have a spring festival so watch this space, it is worth the drive!

Harvest Festival Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

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Food is Free Project Geevston

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Big Events

2 big events this week in Hobart and one coming up in the north. Please note the date and location change for International Permaculture Day

Colony 47 Share Market and Open Garden
- THIS Wednesday 2nd April
- 10am for help in the garden, 12noon for the Share Market

- We will have all the new seed, straw, potting mix and manure
- please bring you family, friends, seeds, seedlings, fruit, vegies, garden materials…..

Harvest Festival Botanical Gardens
- THIS Sunday 6th April
- 10am-4pm at the Royal Botanical Gardens
- We will have a share market stall, with all the seeds, and lots of fun activities
- Please bring you own fruit, vegies, seeds, seedlings to our stall
- Let’s celebrate community grown produce!

International Permaculture Day
- Sunday 4th May 11am-2pm
- BRACKNELL only 30 minutes from Launceston
- A big share day, skills workshops including permaculture skills and basket weaving
- Bring fruit, vegies, seed, seedlings, plants, garden materials
- pick up a load of STRAW, this is where we store it
- All are welcome


Re-activate Launceston Sessions

26th March Next Wednesday 5.30pm at Fresh Cafe Launceston

Re-activate Launceston Session

We have been invited by Jeremy Ball, Deputy Mayor, to present at the second informal get together looking at how to to get Launceston humming again. This time there will be brief talks from Kirsty Mate (Lecturer in Interior Design UTAS), Candice Gillies & Ree Smith (Pop up update & The Den story so far) and Bridgette Watts (Urban Farming Tas on why local food and cities are a hot topic).

Come along its free and have you say on the future of Launceston

Here is the event on facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/621427961265146/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular


New seed, Colony 47 Open Garden & Market 2nd April

Wednesday 2nd April Colony 47 is having an Open garden and Market. The NEW SEED collection will be released for this winter and spring with seeds from backyard collectors, Lost Seed company, Harvest, Rangeview and Diggers. We will also have manure and straw for sale as a fundraiser

Come and see the wonderful fruit and vegi patch that grown since October last year. All are welcome and we will be working in the garden from 10am. There is garlic and broad beans to be planted, fruit tree areas to be prepared and of course lots of food to be harvested!

The market will start at 12noon so bring your fruit and vegies, garden materials, seeds and plants along. It is a free market where we share the excess. Help in the garden is a very fair share for a box of vegies! Feel free to invite your friends

The NEW seed collection includes:


Lettuce Crisp Mint, The Lost Seed

Lettuce Mixture, The Lost Seed

Mesclun Mix, The Lost Seed

Spinach Galilee, The Lost Seed

Kale Dinosaur, The Lost Seed

Snow Pea Mammoth Melting, Southern Harvest

Pea Sugar Snap Cascadia, Southern Harvest

Snow Pea Oregon Giant Snowman, Southern Harvest

Pea Greenfeast Lincoln, Southern Harvest

Pea Massey

Pea southern Cross

Pea alderman Telephone, Southern Harvest

Silver beet Rainbow chard, The Lost Seed



Lettuce Crisp Mint, The Lost Seed

Mesclun Mix, The Lost Seed

Kale Dinosaur,  The Lost Seed

Radish Crimson Giant, The Lost Seed

Radish Red Head, The Lost Seed

Bush beans Windsor long pod, Southern Harvest

Bush Beans Royal Burgundy, Southern Harvest

Bush Beans Cherokee Wax,  Southern Harvest

Climbing Bean purple King, Southern Harvest

Pumpkin Blue Hubbhard, The Lost Seed

Pumpkin Australian Butter, The Lost Seed

Squash winter spaghetti, The Lost Seed

Zucchini Black Beauty, The Lost Seed

Zucchini Golden, The Lost Seed

Tomato Bush Tiny Tom, The Lost Seed

Tomato bush Napoli Paste, The Lost Seed

Tomato mixture, The Lost Seed

Sweet Corn Black Azetec, The Lost seed

Sweet Corn

Pumpkin Sweet dumpling, The Lost Seed



Lettuce Crisp Mint, The Lost Seed

Kale Dinosaur, The Lost seed

Radish Crimson Giant, The Lost seed

Squash winter spaghetti, The Lost Seed

Pumpkin Blue Hubbhard, The Lost seed

Zucchini Black Beauty, The Lost Seed


SEED party

THIS Friday 12-3pm at the Botnaical Gardens.
We need your help to package all the doantions!
We have doantions of seed from backyards, community gardens and commerical companies.We recently had a large donation of commerical seed from Rangeview, Lost Seed, Diggers and South Harvest, very exciting. We provide everything all you need is to come along and yes you will get to take some seed home! This event is support by Colony 47 and Secondbite.
Please RSVP to urbanfarmingtasmania at hotmail dot com
Cheers Bridgette

DIY Seed Party

You Need
-people! advertise
-seed packets or paper to make
-books on seeds
-paper bags to sort seeds
-paper plates, spoons, tweezers
-gloves, alcohol hand gel, masks
-table, chairs and tablecloth
-a room, away from the wind

1. Prepare some seeds packets prior to the day allows more packing
2. sort seed and separate from the chaff, ensure completely dry before packing
3. assign one person to each seed type, with labels, envelopes and seed
4. off you go!
5. swap roles around so no one is bored
6. make sure everyone takes some home, a reward to the hard work!



Workshop& cancelled market

We have a workshop next Tuesday 7pm on Preserving at Fresh cafe on Charles street, Launceston.

The market we planned for Wednesday next week in Launceston is CANCELLED due to personnel reasons of the organisers. We hope to be back soon, sorry about this, it is the first one we have had to cancel we appreciate your understanding.

We will be at the Food 4 thought conference this month 21st-23rd March. Check out the crowd farming opportunity!

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