July has been a busy month of fruit tree planting and seed collecting seeds. 15 new fruit trees and berry plants were planted at Colony 47. A big thank you to all the helping hands! The Colony garden is growing well with broad beans, garlic, potatoes and silver beet in abundance. We have also planted green manure to prepare the soil ready for lots of spring planting, tomatoes, corn, pumpkins….

August is the month of seed, grafting and permaculture skills

Seed Party Launceston 2pm 3rd August
– seed swapping, packaging and sharing ready for spring! All welcome and free. Bring any spare seeds, cuttings, plants even produce!

We can have a Seed party on the 17th August in Hobart on demand, please let us know if you are keen


Grafting workshop Bracknell Sunday 31st August 11am

-visit Heather wonderful permaculture garden and learn to graft! taught by Nick and Heather. RSVP needed



Later this year is the Colony Share Market 16th October for World Food Day and Anti-poverty Week



And then The Big Christmas lunch with Colony 47. Help us crowd farm the fruit and vegetables for this wonderful events that feeds many people in need

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Public Fruit Orchard

This Wednesday fruit trees are being planted from 10 am at the Bridgewater community centre in the Waterbridge garden. This is a community vegetable patch and public fruit orchard situated in the heart of Bridgewater. Then Monday 21st July (next week) there is a Garden Road Trip leaving at 10am, visiting the Prison garden, Source community garden, Botanical Garden community patch, Colony 47 garden, School farm and the Grow centre!
These events are free and all are welcome!



Free Big Breakfast


Saturday we are supporting the Big Breakfast at the Gagebrook Community centre from 8am. It’s free, all are welcome and the first event for the Waterbridge Food co-op

The Waterbridge Food Co- op is a project being developed for the Social determinants of Health grant from Tasmania Medicare Local. It is being created through the partnership of Jordan River ServicesSecondBiteColony 47CentracareWorksills and Dr Bridgette Watts (local GP and Urban Farming Tasmania founder). The project plan is to develop a food co-op at the community houses in Bridgewater and Gagebrook to help open the access to healthy and affordable food. It will involve growing food in the Waterbridge garden, cooking classes, an community pantry and markets.


Prison Patch

Would you like to visit the Risdon Prison Vegi patch and Orchard?

The Waterbridge Food Co-op is organising a Garden Road Trip on the 21st July that includes the Prison, the Source at UTAS, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens community patch and Brighton School farm. The bus will leave at 10am from the Gagebrook community centre, its is free but please book a spot early!

Ron Barwick Minimum Security Prison has a fantastic orchard and vegi patch producing 100kgs fruit and vegetables for the Community through Secondbite. They are looking at expanding into a bigger patch on near by land. They also now have a wonderful rotary hoe thank to Rotary and Secondbite

Some stats are total production to date is 1430kg from 2-mar-2012 to now, 805kg in 2012, 275kg in 2013 and 351kg in 2014 so far.

  • Produce grown: includes potatoes, pumpkins, peas, beans, red and white onions, garlic, apples, tomatoes, marrows and zucchini.
  •  This is not left-overs this is prime produce grown specifically, picked and packed the same day or in 24 hours by SecondBite
  • SecondBite have over 110 outlets for the food from hampers to community agencies, neighbourhood houses, crisis accommodation and housing services and school breakfast clubs and programs.
  • We are also part of Feeding the Future and use crop rotation, staggered planting and grow to order for SecondBite.

Waterbridge Food Co-op
Facebook: facebook/waterbridgefoodco-op






Waterbridge Food Co-op


The Waterbridge Food co-op is a new food project is starting in Bridgewater and Gagebrook in Hobart. The project aim  is to develop a food co-op at the community houses to help open the access to healthy and affordable food. It will involve community garden, cooking classes, a people’s pantry and pop-up markets. It is organised by the Jordan River ServicesSecondBiteColony 47CentracareWorksills and Dr Bridgette Watts (local GP and Urban Farming Tasmania founder). It is funded through the Social determinants of Health grant from Tasmania Medicare Local.

There are four exciting events to start the project!

The Big Breakfast
Saturday 5th July 8am
Gagebrook Community House


Fruit Tree planting
Wednesday 16th July 10am
Bridgewater Community Centre


The Waterbridge Road trip
Monday 21st July 10am-2pm
Start and finish Gagebrook Community House
RSVP needed for bus

 Christmas in July
30th July 12.30, Gagebrook Community Centre
RSVP please!


Waterbridge Food Co-op
Facebook: facebook/waterbridgefoodco-op

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Home Grown Christmas

Ever thought of growing you own Christmas lunch?

We would like to help! We know Christmas in 6 months away but planting needs to start now for some vegetables. We have free seed to help you grow your Christmas dinner. Please message the site, email or facebook and we will send by mail. We will send out monthly post to remind you what to plant.

We will also be helping Colony 47 with fresh food for their Big Christmas lunch. They feed 100 of people on Christmas day from donated fruit, vegetables, meat and produce.

Can you help us Crowd Farming the produce for the Colony 47 Big Christmas lunch?

When to plant vegetables for a December harvest?

April Garlic

May Onion

June Onion

July Snow peas

August Broad beans, Cabbage, Snow peas, Swedes, Carrot

September Basil, Beetroot, Capsicum, Cabbage, Carrot, Chives, Chillies, Endive, Kohlrabi, Leeks, Lettuce, Silver beet, Spring onions, Peas

October Coriander, Oregano, Rocket, Radish, Lettuce, Mustard Greens, Turnip, Zucchini

December Fruit and Herb Harvest

Herbs and Fruit

Bay leaves, Marjoram, Mint, Parsley, Rosemary, Thyme

Cherries, Straw berries, Raspberries, Apricots

What is missing?

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Contact details
Facebook: facebook/urbanfarmingtasmania
Twitter: @urbanfarmingtas
Mail: C/O Bracknell Post Office

Media & Events

The project had a great write up in the online blog Awesome-istic by Vanessa, thank you! Check out the whole article at

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We have a few planned events coming up, please let us know if you would like us to visit your event or you know of events you think we should be at!

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